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View TV Live – Amazing live video production & distribution in the cloud

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View TV Live (VTL) is the latest product from View TV and Kapang to deliver live events and live productions globally with full monetization via the View TV Cloud. VTL allows cameras, commentators, production people and studios to be based…

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Streaming TV gets Super Smart for Cord-cutting audiences

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Kapang has launched several Streaming TV Channels, FAST Channels, and Content provider revenue models to provide a sustainable future for television and channel content production ecosystems. Kapang is delivering more than 250 ad-funded linear FAST channels using addressable and programmatic…

Kapang unfreezes FAST distribution with a 7-day launch for OTT FAST channels via existing service providers

Kapang is a platform developed to appreciate audience demands following cord-cutting trends. Kapang delivers broadcast television channels & niche audience channels across 14 genres. Although Kapang is dedicated to providing a Streaming TV Cable experience, an additional genre has recently…

Kapang bends the FAST business model to accommodate premium broadcasters

Free ad-funded Streaming Television, commonly known as FAST, has evolved over the past few years, with platforms such as Pluto and Redbox generating millions of dollars in ad revenues, monetising archived content, and generating much-needed cash from their video libraries.  …

View TV Sports enables Sports Teams & Rights Holders to broadcast & monetize globally

View TV Sports - View TV knows Live Sports Streaming is the holy grail in proving that Streaming is the Future of TV.  Streaming Live Sports delivered as FAST Ad-funded, Service Subscription, or Pay-per-view [PPV] Services allows any sports team…

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