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Streaming TV News and FAST channel Industry News – Free Ad-funded Streaming Television has never been so popular with Netflix and Samsung Plus betting big on the industry. Cloud Playout is the new buzz word in television but OTT Playout is the solution that is bringing better results.

Content is the King – FAST Operators demand better deal options.

Content is King, and FAST is annoying it; if you blinked your eyes, you might have missed it. Free ad-supported television (FAST) has transformed from an alternative platform enabling cord-cutters to watch linear television to a complementary platform operating alongside traditional TV. For the uninitiated, FAST…

Streaming Services surpass cable as America’s most-watched

Streaming Services surpass cable as America's most-watched. They now command a more significant share of viewers than cable, data published by Nielsen show. That means apps like Netflix and other streaming platforms capture 38% of all television viewing, compared with 31% for traditional cable, the data show. In…

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