View TV Boost – An exciting FAST Channel MCN to boost earnings & launch in days

View TV Boost is a new service launched by View TV, providing a YouTube-style MCN for FAST channels without changing their FAST channel playout provider.

Boost from View TV instantly lists any compliant channel on Kapang in the UK and USA subject to licensing, getting channel broadcasting and earning within 72 hours and introducing the channel’s performance to other platforms.

View TV Boost provides proven technology, a string of ad partners, direct ad sales and sponsorship teams, content libraries, content production funding, FAST business mentoring, additional FAST revenue streams, platform distribution and thirty more members to your team.

View TV Boost brings MCN support to FAST.

View TV has more than fifty premium channels that operate on behalf of brands and content owners looking to maximise the return on their content portfolio and channel brands. View TV owns a one billion-minute broadcast platform, Kapang, enabling channels to be launched within a few days of readiness and providing a sustainable performance-based business model that earns channels more than 65% of each ad dollar awarded.

Earning more from Ad-funded Streaming TV

The View TV Boost programme takes existing FAST Channels and maximises revenues or aids start-up channels and channel brands to get to audiences FAST.

The Boost programme explains the art of multiple revenue streams, including channel and clock sponsorships, product placement, branded content creation, and product placement. It enables any channel to triple its revenues from the traditional FAST1.0 models.

To get your Streaming TV moving FAST, View TV Boost will increase audiences and revenues to sustain growth and audience expectations.

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View TV Boost
View TV Boost

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